Qtube - Video and Document Management System
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For video improved product presentations, multimedia shows, shared just for known vip customers


Great tool for marketing department, design video presentations forehand and leave user-password on client side after face to face meeting or product presentation


Clients can return on it, maybe going through all those detailed matters once more, at the time most suitable for them, just using their workstation - web browser for video watching


For multimedia presentations, not needed any set up or installation work for utilization


Easy to use, simple to update - manage - customize content-duration matters on your side


More visibility with less printed brochure material expenses, all videos available through web


Available as qp hosted SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) service


Customizing presentations, chapter selections in use as pre-defined user profiles


For sharing your detailed product information in secure way, not available on public share


Modern way to keep your vip persons, key customers interested in your product efforts


More up to date information of your product and product development doings to decision makers


Managing users, passwords, content matters (chapter selections) of the presentations

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