Qprojects Ltd (qp)
QP story
Qprojects Ltd is an independent company, which has over 20 years experience in running IT business on heavy series and is co-operating with large international scale corporations since 1990.
QP roadmap
To stay tuned on diverse technical possibilities, researching and evaluating those on first row.
to whom qp?
For companies searching for long lasting positive impact for their business planning, related to their global operations planning, on sales, manufacturing and purchases. For companies needing cross functional, multi level integrated business planning solutions. Qprojects is reputable partner having decades’ success profile as software producer for industrial sector on demanding planning application needs of diverse fields. With qp it’s as you’ve always thought it should be, win - win. Feel the difference on your deployment.
qp success
Entrepreneurial attitude on staff brings long lasting added value for customers and win-win success for both. One for all, all for one team spirit. Because we are a small company, which works in efficient way, that is an advantage for our huge customers. Shortly said: “Agile makes more with less!”
qp brand
Quality, it’s specialty for us: Satisfied customers and on time deployments 
“Delivery date, never in late!” 
Happy people and inspiring, free atmosphere inside the company. Enthusiasm, keen to learn something new every day. 
“If it’s software, we can!” 
why qp?
Small company which is capable to produce full scale IT services for large international business running companies. Slim line organization brings competition edge advantages. With smaller one it is simpler to agree cases like “small problems create big worries”. Small are agile in nature.
qp values
We are building long lasting added value for our customers, not just producing short while impression. We furnish our customers with the best productivity tools and services ever and ensure ROI payback time as stated. 
what for qp?
Because of modern products, performance on deployments and services.
qp key slogans
“If it’s software, we can!” 
“If it’s difficult, we are just delighted!” 
“If it’s impossible, we are getting excited!” 
“Impossible, nothing is, impossible just takes a little bit longer!”
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