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SAMBA - Small And Medium Business Advantageous MAMI

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Standalone version of MAMI concept without ERP coupling or any real time interfaces in use

For companies having up to some hundred products with one or just some production locations

For accelerating SCM process when basic ERP is in house built type or not commonly used

Streamlining ERP - planning processes with modern - standard planning tools in use over all operations

Version of MAMI concept specially designed for small and mid size enterprise needs but still including all necessary planning instruments for success working with Forecasts, Sales Orders, Work Orders and Purchase Orders. Includes also Product - Product structure - processes modeling in advance even real process is not implemented yet

Availability Management, DSP, Production Planning, Purchase Planning, Capacity Planning, Material Planning

Additional special tools for order intake through import files or just using user friendly interface with basic functionality

Available as qp hosted SOA service

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