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  Enterprise Resource Management System

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     An enterprise resource management system mainly targeted to small and mid size companies running a service branch or project business. It's ideal for companies growing fast when standard workgroup office tool limits are reached. ProWind includes applications for resource-, project-, service management including invoicing, quality control and testing properties. Customer interface for service request, feedback management is supported as extranet web portal solution which yields to Easy use and Quick/ Fast deployment.

     ProWind connects software from different business areas together. Switching between applications is smooth. Automatic resource load monitoring prevents overloading of resources and enables optimal usage of resources without conflicts. ProWind solves comprehensively all problems which arise from optimal usage of resources.

     ProWind is a scalable system by its nature. It can be scaled according to amount of users or systems attached to it.

     Password protection and user privileges guarantee that confidential information within the system is not leaked to outsiders they are completely secured.

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