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MAMI usage

Mass production Administration by Multiple Inquiries

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Business case: Manufacturing and supply chain management

Who benefits the most: Large companies running business on international scale having production plants and Hubs/DC's located on several continents worldwide

Supported business models: MTO, MTS, STO (hub)

Typical user groups: Sales and marketing, Production planning and management, Logistics, Purchasing, Business management

     Extended MAMI usage

MAMI usage can be extended to the partners to get even more out of it

Better visibility to your supply chain

Real-time information of order statuses

Faster information sharing and less time to adapt to changes

     MAMI usage in business areas:

On Corporate level: Availability management and global planning

In Sales: Manage your sales orders in every part of your process: from availability check to order confirmation and re-scheduling

In Production: Plan and schedule your manufacturing execution on detailed level and manage your production capacity

In Material Management: Simulate your material behaviour with different scenarios and create detailed purchase plans with real-time MRP/MPS utility

In Management: Base your decisions on accurate and real-time data and plans

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