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What you can do with MAMI?

Mass production Administration by Multiple Inquiries

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Increase the customer satisfaction by delivering them as promised (sales availability management)

Accelerate your ERP system and utilize the data properly

Reduce significance of human factor - increase Supply Chain efficiency and reliability

Take your S&OP to whole new level

Create integrated business process across the functions/organizations and extend it to include external suppliers and LSP's

Create better visibility and transparency throughout the whole organization on all levels

MAMI use chart

Easily run material simulations for different scenarios

Ensure that demand and supply meets at the right time and at the right place

Achieve greater productivity without a huge investment with proper multi-level production planning utility

Utilize your capacity more efficiently

Avoid missed orders - Make higher profits

Dynamically change plans as needed - Fluctuation in customer demand or supplier capability

Have your order book status at glance - even across to multiple manufacturing plants globally

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